A collection of unbiased product reviews relating to the truck and truck camper marketplace.

The Torklift Fastgun Roll-Over Story

February 18, 2016

I think we’ve all seen the Torklift advertisement at one time or another. The ad is about Torklift’s FastGun, their popular, spring-loaded, lever-action turnbuckle. On the right side of the ad are two photos of [read more]

Review of the EcoCamel Jetstorm Shower Head

October 9, 2015

Of all the resources found in today’s recreational vehicle, water is, by far, the most precious. This is especially true for boondocking enthusiasts who prefer to camp in remote, faraway places and for overlanders who [read more]

The Torklift SafeStep and DirtDestroyer

November 28, 2014

The Torklift GlowStep is the gold standard when it comes to the aluminum folding step for RV’s. No other aluminum folding step maintains its strength and shape better than the GlowStep. I’ve owned my set [read more]

App Review: Altimeter+

May 12, 2014

Without a doubt, elevation is one of the most important aspects to finding a great boondocking location. For instance, if you want to avoid summer temperatures in the 90s, you’ll want to camp at an [read more]

Review of the Torklift International FastGun

July 5, 2013

Turnbuckles are essential pieces of hardware in truck camper ownership. They act as the “middleman,” securing the truck camper to the tie-down system of the truck. While simple chain and turnbuckle systems are cheap and [read more]

Replacing Your Worthless CH751 Locks

March 29, 2013

Did you know that 60 percent of all storage compartments found in today’s RVs have the same CH751 locks and keys? No, that isn’t a typo–60 percent! Done solely to reduce costs, the generic CH751 [read more]

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