Review of the Renogy E.Lumen Solar Flashlight


I’m not the kind of guy who gets excited about products easily, but every once in a while I come across one that really gets me pumped. One such product is Renogy’s new E.LUMEN tactical flashlight. I know that getting excited about a flashlight sounds pretty lame, but the E.LUMEN is more than just your typical, everyday flashlight. It’s a multi-purpose survival tool designed to cater to a wide range of scenarios. The E.LUMEN comes with a compass, a cutting tool, a glass-shattering hammer, a USB charge port, and a bevy of LED head and side-mounted lights capable of generating standard illumination as well as red and white emergency strobe lights. Moreover, the E.LUMEN is fully rechargeable (solar and 12 volt) and self-sustaining. Unless you’re camped in a cave or boondocking on the dark side of the moon, this thing will never run out of power.

The bread and butter of any LED flashlight is how well it illuminates. The E.LUMEN’s control button allows the user to click-through its various lighting modes quickly and easily. A single press of the button changes the flashlight from high brightness to low brightness. A press of the button again activates a blinding strobe light, capable of disorienting a would be attacker or wild animal. Need wide-angle illumination for a tent or picnic table? Hold the button down again. Quickly pressing the button again changes the side lights from high brightness to low. Need an emergency red strobe light? Press the button again. Quickly pressing the button a second time changes the mode from a red strobe light to a slower red flashing light, perfect for a vehicle emergency. Pressing and holding the button down again returns the flashlight to its regular flashlight mode.

How well does it work in real life? The 200 lumen light is exceptionally bright with a listed range of 218 yards. We’ve found the brightness of the 200 lumen light more than bright enough for most applications. The military grade aluminum body is rugged and durable and the built-in hammer seems more than capable of shattering a window pane of glass. The cutting blade is sharp and is easily capable of slicing through a seatbelt or several strands of parachord. The mounting magnet is super strong, and keeps the flashlight securely mounted even when driving on rough roads (we like to mount ours to our camper’s refrigerator door or to our Jeep’s rollbar). The E.LUMEN’s 3 watt solar charger works great and keeps the flashlight charged on a daily basis. Charging my iPhone 6 via the built-in USB charge port works great though it takes slightly longer than your standard USB port.



The durability of the aluminum-bodied E.LUMEN is exceptional. I’ve dropped this thing a few times without leaving so much as a dent or a scratch. If you think about it, this thing also functions as a hammer so it has to be tough. The E.LUMEN tactical flashlight even holds up well in triple-digit Arizona heat. Several years ago I owned a plastic solar-powered plastic flashlight that partially melted in the summertime heat. This won’t happen with the E.LUMEN. You can count on this aluminum-bodied gem holding up well in all kinds of temperatures and all kinds of weather. Being waterproof is the only thing it really lacks.

The E.LUMEN comes with a one-year warranty. The E.LUMEN is perfect for tent campers, hikers, bikers, preppers, and for those who are in need of a great, multipurpose flashlight. I keep one in the glovebox of my truck and one in my camper. The E.LUMEN can be purchased for $24.99 on, a real bargain when you consider how much the competition charges for lesser equipped, battery operated flashlights. A handlebar mount can also be purchased to use as a headlight for your bike.

In conclusion, the E.LUMEN is a great tactical flashlight. It far exceeded my expectations in capabilities and quality. Do I have any complaints? Just one. I wish it had a continuous red illumination mode for nighttime use. Red light significantly preserves night vision in a way that regular white light simply can’t. This isn’t a show stopper, by any means, but having a red flashlight mode would’ve elevated the E.LUMEN from an excellent 4.5-star product to an exemplary five stars. Still, the E.LUMEN is a superb product that I highly recommend.

Specifications of the E.LUMEN Tactical Flashlight

Material: AluminumType: 18650 Lithium ion
Dimensions: Length x Head (diameter) x Body (diameter) 7.83 x 1.65 x 1.22 inchesCapacity: Capacity 3.7 volts, 2000 mili-amp hours
Weight: 0.68 pounds / 310 gramsProtection: Charging protection, low-capacity protection
Protection: IP54
Headlight: 3 watts, 200 lumensCell: Monocrystalline
White Sidelights 2 watts, 150 lumens (10 x 0.2W white 2835 SMD LED)Rating: 5 volts, 50 milli-amps
Red Sidelights: Wavelength 620-625 (10 x red 2835 SMD LED)
Lighting Distance: 200 meters, headlight
USB Output: 5 volts, 1 amp
Micro USB Input: 5 volts, 0.55 amps
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