Keep your Batteries Charged with the Windwalker 250

Wilndwalker 250 Wind Turbine - Truck Camper AdventureLooking for a generator-free, all-weather alternative to solar power that can be used day or night? Then you should check out the Windwalker 250 wind turbine by Free Spirit Energy. The Windwalker 250 is a powerful wind turbine that can be set-up and taken down in minutes. The cost is only $395, far less than the wind turbines being offered for marine use by other companies.

The Windwalker 250 is shipped by Priority Mail. Each kit comes with a motor and arbor, a tail boom with tail fin assembly, 8 PVC propeller blades, a metal hub, a package of nuts, bolts, and washers, and a quick-disconnect 14 gauge wire pigtail. A steel mast is also required, but is provided by you (this is done to save on shipping). Free Spirit Energy recommends a 30 inch or 36 inch length pipe, though a longer one might be needed for your rig. The Windwalker 250 is very easy to assemble and mounts to your rear ladder. All you need for assembly is a single 7/16 inch wrench.

The Windwalker 250 is rated for 255 watts at 30 knots with a start-up speed of only 8 knots. At 30 knot wind speeds the Windwalker also generates an impressive 8.5 amps at 30 volts. When you compare these numbers to what a similar size solar power system produces, the Windwalker 250 compares very favorably. The great thing about wind power, is that it works rain or shine, day or night. The only thing you need is wind and in many places, there’s plenty of that.

To learn more, check out our in-depth review of the Windwalker 250 by clicking here.

Windwalker Wind Turbine

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